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Author's Note

  • BoatSense is not a how-to-do book, although it does have some checklists. It's more a promotion of a thought process and a set of habits that come in handy on boats. I tried to include only material that would have made sense to mariners of the past and should make sense to them in future. I hope it brings a nod and a laugh to experienced boat people. And I hope that newcomers can take away some of the thinking and find it useful as they have their own adventures.

Publisher's Note
from Seapoint Books

  • What if you could get expert and entertaining advice from a sailor and powerboater who has spent a lifetime testing and writing about boats and boat gear, and experiencing first-hand the joys and trials of owning them?

    In BoatSense, veteran sailor and writer Doug Logan speaks directly to those who have been bitten by the boating bug, but who may be overwhelmed by the complexity of the game and by the amount of information available. His mission is not to give all the answers, but to provide a way of thinking about the issues involved in owning and operating a boat safely and happily. At the heart of his advice are simplicity and the habits of good seamanship. His reflections would have brought a smile to experienced mariners of the past, and no doubt will do the same for mariners of the future.

    Learn about the mindset of seamanship in the chapter called "Walking the Beat." Understand the importance of maintenance and your own DIY skills in "Embrace the Hacksaw." Think through the most important processes of evaluating, shopping for, and equipping a boat with the wisdom in "Buying In" and "The Right Stuff."

    BoatSense contains some of the most important checklists and sidebars a new boat-buyer will need, including:

    - Checklist for an Unfamiliar Boat
    - Volts, Watts, Amps, and Ohms
    - Marine Engine Care
    - Boatyard Chores: Who Does What?
    - Recommended Tools
    - Basic Navigation Gear … and more

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